Spiritual Retreat

“The reason we participate in a spiritual retreat is to retreat from the external world and to penetrate into our own internal world. According to Pistis Sophia, it would mean to abandon the world of external darkness in order to enter the kingdom of internal light.  This interior light has its source in the Being; this interior light, has its source in Love.  The more love one manages to feel in the interior, the greater and stronger that light will be.”

Rafael Vargas – The Power of Wisdom

Each meditation we undertake is a mini spiritual retreat.  Normally, we see our external life as light – sunshine, people, places, things; all dancing around us in a perpetually parade.  We are used to nearly endless external stimuli.  Normally we see our interior as darkness, something not noticed, something mysterious or confusing.

If we turn our attention inward in meditation, for enough time to become familiar with the territory, penetrating deeply into our own heart, we will experience an interior light, the light of love.

The interior light is a fountain of wisdom, a fountain of clarity, a fountain of intelligence.  When we enter the silence of meditation, beyond the body, the sentiments and the mind, we connect with the Being.

When we maintain awareness of this interior light, even during moments outside of meditation, we will begin to live the exterior life with consciousness, rectitude and love.

Have you had the opportunity to participate in a weekend long or longer spiritual retreat? It may be something you want to try.  A spiritual retreat is a beautiful opportunity for us to remember the inner light and reestablish our connection with it.

Meanwhile, why not make a space for our own mini retreat from our busy lives.  Find the meditation cushion.  Light a candle.  Play some ambient music.  Let the mind become quiet and listen to the silence with an open heart.  Create a space for the unending fountain of love to surge.


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