Relaxation through golden light

Here’s a practice I love.  I don’t know why.  It just resonates with me.

After we’ve found a position where we can sit comfortably for some time, we can use this visualisation practice to assist in deeper relaxation, and perhaps rejuvenation.

Imagine our body is a glass vase – hollow and with an open top.

We see a yellow gold liquid poured from somewhere above us, into our body.  Just as water fills the bottom of a vase first, imagine the golden liquid begin to fill our hollow body, starting at the feet (or whatever is at the base of our posture, perhaps the feet and derriere if we are sitting cross-legged).  The liquid light then slowly rises in our body.  Its warm.  The perfect temperature. Its healing.

Imagine that this golden nectar of light and energy fills us little by little.  We feel it rising through the legs.  Everywhere it touches becomes fully relaxed and refreshed.  We immerse ourselves in the effects of the liquid light on each part of our body as it rises, filling each contour of our hips, buttocks, lower back and abdomen.

Slowly, slowly the light rises through the chest, relaxing the muscles around the middle back and rib cage.  Then just as the light arrives at the arm pits, this is my favourite part, it spills over and runs down into the hands, filling the fingers and palm with glorious golden radiance.

The liquid fills the wrists, the forearms, the elbows, the upper arm and then rejoins the liquid in the chest to fill the shoulders.  Continuing up the neck, we relax all the muscles that may be tight and sore around the neck and shoulders.  Then see the liquid rise into the chin, the jaws and all through the head.  Finally, the light reaches the crown.

We sit now, for a moment and imagine our whole body filled with radiant golden yellow liquid, shining through the crystal vase structure shaped as ourselves.

With the body relaxed, we release the visualisation, and move to the next step of meditation.  We get attached to nothing.  No practice absorbs us or serves us longer than necessary.  Perfection is of the moment.  Every moment.  No need to hold on.

Happiness.  Helen


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