About Gnosis and this Blog

To awaken to our fullest potential is a natural urgency of our Essence, the spark of the Divine within us.  This urge may point us towards God if we are of a Western religious faith, meditation if we gravitate towards Eastern religious or mystical traditions, or quantum physics if we are of a scientific or atheistic bent.

It’s only our inner obstacles, the conditioned mind, heart, body and will, that limit us from discovering this true, limitless potential.  This potential resides in our consciousness.  There are an untold number of schools, groups, religious organisations, orders, institutions, etc., whose main objective is to unlock this potential or connect us to the Source.  Yet the key at the heart of each of these schools and traditions, is what is going on inside of us.

Gnosis – meaning to know something directly, direct experience, direct inner knowledge, is the foundation of awakening.  If we have limited self-knowledge, we are in some ways asleep to our full potential.   The obstacles to this inner knowledge is ignorance, distraction, preoccupation, negative emotions, and attachment, to name a few.  Therefore, it makes sense that meditation or silent prayer would be one of the most powerful tools for moving us towards awakening and gnosis.  As we get to know ourselves in the stillness of a serene mind and heart and with objective awareness (unfettered by external influences), we begin to awaken to something new about ourselves.  Eventually the state of consciousness developed in meditation transforms our state of consciousness during daily life, and in our dreams at night, so that we can learn about ourselves and unlock our potential 24/7.

Life in the 21st century tends to keep us “asleep”.  We would like to think that awakening would occur as a natural process throughout our life, but this, unfortunately, is not true.  This is not something to believe.  Just take a look to see if all people get wiser, happier, more free, more balanced and loving as they age.  We do learn things from experience in life but many people die with a feeling that they just coped with a difficult existence, full of fear, confusion and powerlessness, interrupted by moments of joy.  It takes a sincere and conscious effort to awaken.  Our Essence urges us to apply that effort.  The work of awakening is a worthwhile effort – leading to freedom, power, fearlessness, unconditional love, balance, forgiveness, compassion and an end to suffering,

The writer of this blog, Helen Mongillo, has been applying the tools of gnosis, synthesised and taught by Samael Aun Weor, for over 20 years.  She has received extensive and loving guidance from her beloved teachers, living examples of applied gnosis.  With her husband Brett, she has taught meditation and tools for having a gnostic experience, since 2000.  Information on the Association for Gnostic Studies in New Zealand, the school where Brett and Helen teach, can be found at www.gnosisnewzealand.com.

Helen could be described in the relativity of this life as a gnostic, wife, mother, environmental engineer, friend, geologist, writer, singer, art dabbler, philosopher, etc., but she knows that her real identity is nothing but the Being which lives outside of relativity and duality.  This allows her to let go of any attachment to self, which is the cause of so much suffering.  To trust one’s Being is a beautiful key to happiness.

We hope you find this blog of some use.

Paz Inverential


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