About Enlightmentment

I like this:


We have to do a lot of undoing to get to “acceptance, contentment and fearlessness.”

Forgive yourself and undo.



Take time to relax during the day

“When one devotes oneself to meditation, mental burdens, unnecessary worries, and wandering thoughts drop off one by one; life seems to run more smoothly and pleasantly.”   

~Nyogen Senzaki~

We find it difficult to meditate if we have a stressful day – and, we may have a stressful day if we don’t meditate.  So which do we address first?  Our day or our meditation?

Both.  In our 10-week programme we are jumping into meditation with two feet.  But if we experience our mind is restless and it’s difficult to settle, we can start looking at our average day. If we find we aren’t taking moments to relax during the day, if we are taking on too much, if we are in constant emotional swings, then maybe we can tweak things little by little.  We can learn to occasionally take a few breaths and observe the moment.  

Our meditation will help us be more observant and calm as we experience the events of life, and being more relaxed during the day will move us into deeper meditations, where we can slowly, slowly begin to experience free and clear consciousness.  Each effort will help the other.

“Normally, the mind lives permanently acting and reacting according to the impacts of the exterior world; let us compare this to a lake where we throw a stone. We will see how it produces many waves which go from the centre to the periphery; it is the reaction of the water against the impact coming from the exterior world.  Something analogous happens with the mind and the feelings.  In all the circumstances of life, the mind and feelings take up an active part and incessantly react.”

~Samael Aun Weor~ 

“Meditation Watchers” – a free on line 10 week programme

I’m doing a trial run on a free 10-week on line “meditation watchers” programme.  Its just about setting your own private daily meditation goal (it could be 10 minutes per day, whatever length you think would be doable), then reporting to the group or privately to me on whether you meet your goal each day.  Not much else to it except some general support from a closed Facebook Group and/or a daily email from me.  Its meant to be a gentle motivator to keep the meditation discipline going.  If it sounds interesting just email me at gnosisnz@xtra.co.nz and I will give you a few more details.  I will not share your email with anyone :-).  I’ll close the invitation when we reach 20 participants – for my own sanity.  Currently we have nine lovely members participating – we started on the 1st of January.  The key to receiving the benefits of meditation is to do it regularly.

Here is a cool link to 100 benefits of meditation  from a group called I Need Motivation.